Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vinyl Stencil Tutorial

For those of you who have ordered the VINYL STENCIL $7...
This is the tutorial on how I do it!

1. Paint 12" x 12" board. Let dry completely!

2. Run scraper over vinyl tape to make sure it adheres to vinyl.

3. Turn over and peel off backing SLOWLY.

4. Position on board and rub on with scraper.

5. CAREFULLY peel off transfer tape!

6. Go over lightly with scraper or hand to make sure everything is stuck to board.  NEW... I now go over the whole vinyl stencil with the same color as the board... it seals the cutouts and makes it look crisper after you peel off the vinyl!!!!

7. Paint each section... being careful not to overlap.

8. Repeat... until all vinyl cut outs are painted. LET DRY!

9. Peel off vinyl.

10. Pick off any remaining vinyl... use pin or sharp instrument.

11. Lightly sand the entire surface & edges of board.

12. Dip in black stain (diluted black paint w/ water) and BLOT dry with old towel.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Thanksgiving Subway Art

This vinyl stencil uses the same technique as the other subway art projects!
Vinyl Stencil $7

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Halloween subway art

Vinyl Stencil $7
This technique works a little differently than just vinyl. You paint your board... let it dry completely... then put on you vinyl stencil and then paint your colors! Let that dry then peel off your vinyl stencil and then distress if desired! I love the rustic look!